How to Become a VA

A personal assistant nowadays can either work in your office space daily or can be your virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is one who does almost all the tasks your next room personal assistant does, ranging from replying to emails, planning and organizing your calendar, doing research, updating your blogs, handling your social media accounts, to preparing presentations or handling your newsletters, except that they do not occupy your office space and work from the comfort of whatever location they are in. Most times, virtual assistants are hired mainly to cut costs, especially if needed by an individual or a small-scale business, and also for convenience’s sake.

“Consistently working late is not necessarily a sign of a hard worker, but rather the inability to use time wisely.” Victor Butting

Look at what you have put on your to-do list for today. How much is on it? If you look at it and know in your mind that you will struggle to get it all done, that’s your first mistake. You need to help yourself succeed – and that starts with your scheduling. Don’t put more on your list than you think you can do during the day. It’s not going to help your mind stay focused when you are always feeling overwhelmed. Start slicing and dicing! Put only what you think you can actually get done on your daily list.